Start from hotel around galle and start from Galle city walk and Galle Fort.Then we will proceed to Koggala.Then we will have a small visit to koggata turtle hatchery.Then you can enjoy the adventurous feeling of Koggala lake safari.After taking the lunch,  visit to Handunugoda tea factory,you will be able to watch the stilt fishermen along the route.At lastFinally drop off at the pick-up point.I will make every effort to see that you are comfortable, relaxed throughout the journey.

Galle Fort

Explore the nearly 400-year-old Galle Fort and the many heritage sites that stood firm even in the midst of violent calamities, including the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. Journey through time as you walk along its streets. Visit the historic ramparts or walls that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site and take in its cultural and architectural views.

Turtle Hatchery

Koggala is famous for its sea turtle conservation project operated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka. There you will be able to see one,two or three days old baby turtles along with the matured turtles.

Koggala Lake Safari

Not so much a safari as a long boat ride, sailing on the picturesque Koggala Lake is an immensely enjoyable travel experience.

Handunugoda Tea Factory

The estate is 200 acres (809,371 m2) in extent and comprises 75 acres (303,514 m2) of tea. The balance plantation is of rubber, cinnamon and coconut. There is a well equipped tea factory on the property. Most machines were made in the United Kingdom and are over 140 years old. The factory is a living and working museum.

The estate is not a mass producer of tea. Handunugoda makes very small quantities of the choicest teas, winning international recognition. Handunugoda produces the famous `Virgin White Tea`, a tea untouched by hand which has attracted attention from tea enthusiasts all over the world.

Stilt Fishing

Stilt Fishing is one of the most interesting traditional fishing methods of Sri Lanka.Watch how they catch fish using a single fishing rod. You would be able to take photographs with them.

Note: This itinerary can be changed according to your personal preferences. Your transportation and accommodations can be arranged for attractive prices. Hotel reservations also may be arranged as your wish.

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